24 Days of Giveaways - Day 14 Ancient Arts

Archeologists have postulated that ancient Egyptians were decorating with cut flowers in vases and even stylized arrangements as far back as 5000 years ago.  Wall paintings from inside buildings and pyramids dated between 2500 BC and 3000 BC, show great rooms full of flowers.  So there is probably very little that hasn’t been done before right?  Not so.  Every art form has its renaissance and flower arranging is no exception. 



One of the first florists to stop by our new farm five years ago was Serena.  She started working for a florist when she was only seventeen, and after completing her degree in interior design decided that flowers were her passion.  Serena’s Philia Flora was born the same time we moved to our new farm.  With the pandemic pulling the rug out from under the weddings and corporate events she was known for, Serena decided to exercise a new talent.  Perfecting her calling for pottery at the Toronto Pottery Studio, Serena is now making the most beautiful handcrafted pottery.  She is uniquely qualified to design and craft pieces incorporating her floral background.  


Studio Mondine is a floral design studio in San Francisco. They boast some of the industry's finest designers, producers, and educators who create floral art. Luckily for us Amanda Luu and Ivanka Matsuba of Mondine have recently penned one of the most attractive floral guides that gives insight to the world of Ikebana, which is the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging.  Ikebana, for the uninitiated, is centered in four themes, Naturalness, Movement, Balance and Simplicity.  Ikebana Unbound A Modern Approach to the Ancient Art of Flower Arranging allows even the beginner to embrace, understand and enjoy the form.   This step by step guide with excellent pictures allows you to comprehend the idea behind complicated structures and movements in easy to understand language.  If you are looking for a way to express yourself with flowers this is a great place to start.  

When we combine these two makers we have creatives who deal in flowers, but on a whole new level. Chasing their passion for art that we can all enjoy.

Day 14 of our 24 Days of Giveaways is this spectacular pottery piece from Philia Flora and a copy of Luu and Matsuba’s book Ikebana Unbound.  

For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share something you have done that drew inspiration from flowers, or any tips on flower arranging, anything really, as long as it puts a smile on everybody’s face.  EASY.  This giveaway is open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address. This Giveaway is open until Sunday night December 19th at Midnight PT.  

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Vanessa L

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