24 Days of Giveaways - Day 14 Favorite Bouquet Blooms

24 Days of Giveaways - Day 14 Favorite Bouquet Blooms

 Dec 14 Giveaway

Beautiful bouquets of cut flowers can turn any room into a romantic getaway from the usual.  And add wisps of perfumed fragrance that changes as you move about your home, such easily attainable elegance that can be enjoyed by anybody.

When you decide this is the year you’re going to plant your cutting garden, it will bring joy before you even see a bud in your backyard, but for some it can also bring a little anxiety over what varieties to plant.  It wouldn’t be the first time we have been asked this question, so let’s dedicate Day 14 to understanding what we look for in a flower to create an harmonic bouquet that ticks all the boxes. 

When choosing flowers for bouquets, they have to fulfill a role in it’s making.  We put them in categories like Purpose, which is to say, will they be our focal flower, or simply filler.  Colour, of course, is an important part of any bouquet, but the key is whether all the colours fit as a whole and enhance enjoyment, not just because they appear colourful on their own.  The flower’s Form is an important consideration as well; this means we look at shapes like ball, or spike, or hanging.  

One often forgotten piece of the puzzle is Smell.  At a minimum your bouquet should remind everyone that these are fresh flowers, and carry an aroma that transports you to the field in which they grew.  And then the art of bouquet making can take over.  Is the finished product Balanced in form, balanced in colour and does the focal flower really call out to you as the first one to get noticed?  Sure practice and some research both go a long way to being a successful flower artist, but getting a head start on some ideal flowers would be fun too, right?

Cosmos and Foxglove

Day 14 of our Twenty-Four Days of Giveaways is Five Packs of Stems Flower Farm Favourite Bouquet Maker Seeds.  If you only grow a handful of vaseworthy flowers, these are the ones in which you should invest. This prize pack bring you, Green Cascade Amaranth- exciting hanging form, Foxglove Dalmatian Peach - both form and colour,  Larkspur QIS White - an excellent neutral spike that also is an impressive dried flower, Basil Aramatto - for its texture and perfume, and Cosmos - Apricot Lemonade for as a unique shades of colour.

Amaranth, Larkspur and Basil

For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share what flower(s) you love to see in a bouquet, or a flower, that for you, has a purpose or special meaning, anything really, as long as it's meant to pick people up.  EASY.  This giveaway is open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address. Contest is open December 14th for 24 hours. Closes December 14th at midnight PT. 

Of course, if you know someone who would be inspired by browsing our selection of over 900 flower seeds, please share!

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