24 Days of Giveaways - Day 5 Pollinator Friendly

bee photo

We get asked alot at the farm about Pollinator Flowers.  The subject of pollination and what it means to farmers, would take volumes to tell all.  But if you are looking for flowers that can help your garden attract more pollinators, let’s dig in.

Did you know that 80% of the world's plants that produce our food need to be pollinated.  That leaves only a couple hundred that don’t.  It’s easy to see why it’s important in this context; no pollinators lead directly to food shortages.  It really is that simple.  Virtually 100% all of the seed plants need to be pollinated too.


For those who have spent too many years since high school biology, pollination simply is the transfer of pollen from a male part of a plant to a female part of a plant, and even if it's been a while since high school I’m sure you know what this leads to...and that’s why they are important at the farm and at your garden.

Animals that are good pollinators of flowers and vegetable include: bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, of course there are more but these are the big ones. The trick is that some plants perform so much better when you can attract many of these pollinators.  

Fruit for example, is bigger, better tasting and more of them per plant.  Flowers produce better blooms.  We can honestly say the addition of bees on our farm has had a tremendous impact on things like the number of pumpkins per plant.  


One easy strategy is planting a border of sunflowers that can act like a beacon and bring in more bees, and butterflies and hummingbirds.  More pollinators means a better garden.  

bee on sunflower

In honour of our bees and all the pollinators hard at work in our gardens Day Five of our Twenty Four Days of Giveaways is a pack of each of our six favourites pollinator flowers:

Cosmos Daydream - Zinnia Benary Mix - Chinese Forget Me Not Blue - Celosia Pampas Plume - Bee’s Friend - Amaranth Green Cascade  and a 375 g bottle of Cocoa Iced Honey

For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share what flowers work best to attract pollinators in your garden, what has brought you joy in the past months, anything really, as long as it's meant to pick people up.  EASY. 

This giveaway is only open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address . Contest is open December 5th for 24 hours. Closes December 5th at midnight PT. 


This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulation to Linda!

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