24 Days of Giveaways - Day 7 Capturing Moments

24 Days of Giveaways - Day 7 Capturing Moments

Don’t you think it’s a little weird that our kids have been in thousands more photos than we were but have less to show for it?  Although never professing to be a photographer, we sure had to think about our 20 shots before taking the roll to the developer didn’t we?  Sure, the ease and accessibility of phones with cameras have been both a curse and blessing, we can all agree that the ability to make more pictures hasn’t necessarily made BETTER pictures.  Even the use of post editing products still requires a discerning touch.



Photography as an art form is different than just recording a moment. Really good photographers have a way of capturing an essence. Using composition not to merely frame the physical but to bring it to a new level.  To view their work is as much emotion as visual. There are a number of great photographers across this country. We are fortunate enough to have many right around us, including one special person, Paige, who we work with on our farm.  



Your first glimpse of Slow On Sundays Instagram posts gives great insight into the person behind the camera.  Shots of her own two littles, mostly in wild, natural settings being playful or just investigating what lies before them.  Paige’s bio says she believes in finding the meaning in all moments, big or small. And it shows in her work.  Oh, and you have been staring at her work for the last week.  Paige took all the product shots for us for the 24 Days of Giveaways.  

Our Day 7 giveaway is a really fun one.  The Cut Your Own Garden at Stems is a great place to have pictures taken.  An acre in size,  displaying dozens and dozens of varieties of flowers in a rainbow of colours.  Paige will showcase her considerable talents here at Stems Flower Farm where we will host a photo session in our Cut Your Own Garden.  Imagine the memories you can capture with Paige’s keen eye and thousands of gorgeous blooms as your backdrop. Day 7 of our 24 Days of Giveaways is a Photo Shoot from Slow On Sundays in our very own field of dreams.  And yes, in 2022 we will take photographer bookings. 



For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share your favourite memory caught on film, or that time you wished you had a camera but didn’t, favorite piece of camera equipment or tip, anything really, as long as it puts a smile on everybody’s face.  EASY.  This giveaway is open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address. This Giveaway is open until Sunday night December 12th at Midnight PT.  

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Melissa O

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