24 Days of Giveaways - Day 7 VIP Cutting Garden Package for Two

Stems Cut Flower Garden

This past summer we were amazed how many people from our area came to visit us at our new farm stand.  We even got to know several “regulars” who stopped in often for flowers, or produce, or sometimes just a quick conversation.  We have to admit, we had a blast for our first summer with a farm stand here halfway between Cookstown and Alliston. Our little farm stand grew week by week and we entertained more and more people too. When things weren’t too busy people often asked Heidi about flowers, and about growing vegetables, and more often than not, the conversation would grow with the next customer to drive in.

One conversation piece that always comes up is how giving flowers or getting a bouquet  makes people feel.  Think about it, flowers are an emotional gift. Mostly our flowers are around for happy occasions.  They are go-to gifts when celebrating; anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, retirements, or just to make someone feel better..  They are the gift you pick up when saying thank you; for a dinner invite, for doing something special without being asked.

Stems Cutting Garden

So for 2021 we are expanding our gardens for you to enjoy on a whole new level.  We invite you to come and meander a special garden, over an acre in size, that you can sift through thousands of flowers to find your very own bouquet.  Our Cutting Garden will open as soon as mother nature allows in 2021.  Imagine how you will feel lazing in the sunshine while the perfumed aroma of row upon row of flowers rush to greet you.  This is relaxation on a whole new level.  We know many of our visitors last summer were looking for an escape from the confines of the pandemic, well this absolutely qualifies as your answer.

So Day 7 of our Twenty-Four Days of Giveaways is a VIP Voucher for Two to enjoy our Cutting Garden anytime next growing season.  You and a friend will come to the farm, only needing only appropriate footwear and we will do the rest. We will provide full instruction on how to cut our lovely blooms, and how to best care for them after you leave.  As an additional bonus you’ll receive a $10 off gift card for use at our Farm Stand.  You'll need a couple of hours for you and a friend to enjoy this entire package. 

We have a great selection of floral experiences here that are perfect for the flower lover in your life.   

For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share your favorite memory of spending time outside with family or friends, your favorite flower to cut and bring in the house, anything really, as long as it's meant to pick people up.  EASY.  This giveaway is open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address, and must be redeemed as awarded.  No cash value. Contest is open December 7th for 24 hours. Closes December 7th at midnight PT. 

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Alix B!

Of course, if you know someone who would be inspired by our cutting garden, please share!

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