24 Days of Giveaways - Day 9 Instant Garden

24 Days of Giveaways - Day 9 Instant Garden

So what colour is your thumb?

The old axiom of having a green thumb barely holds up in today's gardening world.  What you really should look for are dirty knees to find a dedicated gardener.  Oh, and someone who can invest the time needed to overindulge in the world's most rewarding hobby.

It was very encouraging to see so many people take up the craft during the last two seasons.  Being stuck at home certainly had a hint of a few silver linings.  But as we emerge next spring from what feels like the missing chapters in Gulliver’s Travels, will some people look for help in keeping up their garden.

One extremely satisfying option is Stems Flower Farm “Instant Garden”.  These ready to plant gardens consist of flower or vegetable babies ready to easily plunk down in your garden.  And it is accompanied by a few seeds that need only to be sprinkled to be successful.  

Imagine, a curated selection of cut flowers in varieties that you won’t find in your everyday garden centre, started from seed alongside our own stock, ready and healthy for planting in only a few hours. How easy is that? You even have the option of having it hand delivered in the Toronto area or you can swing by our farm and make a day of it.


You will have a magnificent looking garden and can enjoy it all summer. 

Seema P of Toronto wrote, “My garden is “where I find my Zen,” and “now I look like a pro!”

Day 9 of our 24 Days of Giveaways is an Abundant Cutting Garden Voucher from Stems Flower Farm.  What a great gift for the person who enjoys gardening but now doesn’t have the time to create a masterpiece.  

Oh and we won’t tell anyone if you want to rub some dirt on your knees….

For a chance to win leave a comment below.  In your message, share what it would mean to have a full lush garden in your backyard, or tell everyone how you create your masterpiece, anything really, as long as it puts a smile on everybody’s face.  EASY.  This giveaway is open to anyone with a Canadian shipping address. This Giveaway is open until Sunday night December 12th at Midnight PT.  

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Kelsey G

Of course, if you know someone who would be inspired by checking out our Instant Gardens!

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