We have the most beautiful office...a roomy four acres filled with over 100, 000 blooms.

Sure it’s work a lot of days during growing season but, all in all, where else could we find such a rewarding and fulfilling way to spend our days.

Most people use the analogy of being smothered or suffocated when their work life is dragging them down.  Around here all we do is breathe.

Anyone lucky enough to have four kids knows that we don’t have a lot of down time while running two busy business and trying to keep our four occupied.  But they are great kids and very eager to learn what it is we do all day long.

Building a community of growers is one of the big steps we are taking to nourish the channel.  We are firm believers in “the rising tide” theory, that any good we can do will benefit the greater family of flower growers and vice versa that we enjoy the benefit of any good that comes from others. More on this when it will make sense.