Our Philosphy

Our Philosphy

Our Philosophy

We consider ourselves to be a idealists; not the present day definition that business folk use alongside synonyms like impractical and unrealistic, but the more romantic philosopher definition that says we believe in certain things and act in certain ways to make a better life, a better place to live, and a better life for our family, that we have a roll to play in leaving the planet a better place than we arrived.  

So, if you really want to “know” us, here is what we think is important:

Grow. Nourish. Inspire.

It’s more than our mantra, or a line written at the top of the white board in our office. We truly believe these three elements are what we need to live by to make a difference in the world.

Farmers today balance environmental, economic, and social considerations almost everyday. Our mission is to move forward respecting all three elements in every aspect of our business.  We hope you come along for the journey too.