On Farm Visitor Policy

We welcome you to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of an acre of flowers, and the time to look around at everything we have planted here. If this is your first visit, please read and understand what you are required to agree with before entering the property. If you are purchasing any of our farm experience packages you must agree to the following terms and conditions in order to complete your purchase. For most experiences you are purchasing up to one hour to spend in our publicly open gardens. Our production fields are strictly off limits.

The first thing you’ll need to do is check in with the farmstand attendant.

We provide the following on farm:
Any equipment you are provided with must be returned at the end of your experience.
We have a portalet, and a hand washing station for your convenience.

You should bring:
Appropriate footwear for the weather. Even a day after rain you will still get mud on your boots. Bug spray is a good idea if you are bothered by bugs, and a sun hat and sunscreen are good accessories to have with you.

Other than the produce in the farmstand we do not have any food or drinks for sale. You should bring your own drinking water on hot days.

Rules of the farm:

We do not have any public seating or eating space on the farm. If you are looking for picnic space we are happy to give you a map to local spots to have a picnic lunch or the best restaurants our area has to offer.

If you have a group (more than 6) of people who would like to come and experience the farm, please email us at Support@stemsflowerfarm.ca and we will be happy to put a package together for your experience.

Kids are always welcome to enjoy the flowers and our farm experience. We do pride ourselves on being a respite from the world outside our treeline so, please understand your children will be held to the same standard that you will be when visiting.

We limit the entrance to the field to those who have purchased a ticket to pick flowers. Each adult (over 13) who is not picking must purchase a visitors pass for $10 for the hour you are picking. Kids under 13 are free but must adhere to the Rules of the Farm.

We don’t have control over the weather here at the farm so here is a link to what you might expect to see when you arrive. We expect that in light rainy weather and slightly cooler temperatures that you will be here, but we fully understand and appreciate not wanting to pick flowers in the pouring rain. We will accept and acknowledge moving your appointment time due to rain. Simply go to the app more than 24 hours from your scheduled time and rebook for a new date.

We are a pet free zone here at Stems Flower Farm. With the obvious exception of service animals we do not allow other pets to get out of their cars. We will gladly give you directions and a map to the local off leash park if you have brought your family member for the ride.

We have several bee hives on the property that house thousands of bees. Honey bees are not aggressive under normal circumstances as they all have jobs to do and don’t really want to spend time with you. If they are provoked they can sting, but it is rare. We are also home to thousands of other flying and crawling and stinging things. If you are still coming for a farm experience that is great, please disclose the fact that you or anyone in your party is carrying an EpiPen and the extent of your allergy. We would feel better being able to help you. We do not have EpiPens here at the farm.

Taking wedding, engagement, expectant mother, newborn, or family photos etc. or the person taking the photograph is unrelated to you, then a you need to book via the Professional Photographers guidelines on the website (more details below) If you are taking selfies of your experience cutting flowers we would appreciate it if you would consider tagging the location.

We are farmers. Our living comes from what we grow and offer to you. We do our best to provide a safe environment, for both our employees and our guests to pick flowers. However, it is a working farm. And things change daily.

You assume any and all risks - When paying to come to our farm you are accepting the risk of walking on uneven ground, and that some days the mud can be slippery. The snips are kept sharp to protect the plants we cut, so please don’t forget that you can cut yourself if not used properly. We are home to stinging bees and wasps, they too like the flowers, and the risk of being stung may be greater than when you are at home.

Destruction of property - Our Cutting Garden is a part of our family home. Any willful damage caused by anyone in your party will not be tolerated and will result in the forfeiture of your visit. You will be asked to leave and banned from coming back.

Accompanying Children - If you are accompanying anyone under the age of 13, please keep them in your care during your visit. Children found wandering on their own or damaging plants may be forced into 2 hours of pulling weeds.

Bulk flowers for purchase - Your purchase of a time slot to Cut Your Own Flowers is limited to a mixed bouquet of our flowers, should you wish to pick straight run bunches of the same flowers, please let us know and we will tell you if that can be arranged and what the prevailing wholesale price will be for cutting in this fashion. The Cut Your Own Garden was not grown with the intention of providing bulk flowers for folks who arrange professionally or as a hobby and we ask that you refrain from doing so. If you have an interest in bulk flowers, please ask what our availability is and we might be able to work out something for you.

Photography Policy - Of course a flower farm is an ideal spot for photos and yes by all means, we want you to take photos/selfies while you are here.
In fact it is the perfect backdrop for any session. However if you are taking photographs professionally, please refer to the section of the website on photography.

We welcome those who wish to use the field for commercial portrait purposes.
A commercial shoot must be booked by the photographer and not the subject. Please refer to our photography section of the website in order to understand the availability and the costs of the shoot.
Stems Flower Farm assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings.
The use of drones without prior consent and accompaniment is strictly prohibited.
Any guests of unauthorized photography sessions will be escorted from the farm.

Photo Credit/Social Media
Thank you for choosing us as your photography site. Please consider crediting the our location on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TickTock, blogs, or websites with @stemsflowerfarm, @stemsflowerfarm.ca, Stems Flower Farm
We welcome your submission to our website for our use on the website, social media, marketing literature, and advertising If you share your photos with us, we may use them online and in print.
Commercial online galleries or images shall have a link to our website at stemsflowerfarm.ca