Frequently Asked Questions - Inventory Updates

*** Update January 21st *** 

We have updated inventory items as of January 21st, the next large flower and vegetable seed update will be March 7th when the dahlia tuber listing go live. Many varieties will be added February 7th. Check product page for details.

Items have been update as of January 21st. The best way to track individual items is through the Send Me a Notification Email on the product page of each item.  This feature emails you directly the minute we change inventory numbers. 

We are unable to hold orders  or combine for shipping or “add to existing orders” this season.  The logistics are simply too complex for our small space.  Orders that are received as "pick up at the farm", that were placed hoping to add to an existing order will be sent an email outlining how to pay for shipping.  

We do not foresee running out of seed, we have on the other hand had supply issues with major pieces of our packaging like the envelopes your seed comes in.  We finally received a shipment just before Christmas, however the packing process has been slowed because of that. 


We value your input so thank you for taking the time to connect.  If you have any questions, please use the email and please leave enough info for us to take action on your item.  We appreciate the trust and patience and support of our small family farm.

We look forward to growing with you in 2022!

Heidi, Kevin and staff at Stems Flower Farm.