Floss Flower - Timeless Mix


Ageratum 'Timeless Mix'

Growing and Harvest Information

Plant Type: Annual

Height: 60-76cm (24-30")

Sun: Full

Sow: 6-8 weeks before last frost, do not cover seed requires light for germination.  Direct sowing into garden beds is not recommended

Transplant: Harden off and transplant after last frost

Days to Maturity: 80-100 days

Plant Spacing: 22-30cm (9-12")

Pinch: Yes

Vase Life: 7-12 days

Potential Harvest Yield: 8-10 stems per plant

Harvest Tips: Cut when you can see full buds that are showing color and are about one-third open. Make sure the centers are tight. If they are harvested too early, it will be difficult to open the blossoms. Remove any foliage that would fall below the water line in vases or buckets. Cut the stems on an angle, place the stems into a clean bucket of cool water or properly prepared cut flower food solution that is several inches deep. Keep Ageratums in a brightly lit, warm area where they can open and develop for at least two hours. These flowers can be cooled and stored in a floral refrigerator at 34 F to 38 F. They also will do well in room-temperature conditions. 

Approximate Seeds per Packet: 100


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