Queen Anne's Lace - White Dill


Growing and Harvest Information

Plant Type: Annual

Height: 90cm (36")

Sun: Full to Partial Shade

Sow: Indoors 4-5 weeks before last frost or directly into prepared beds after the last frost.  Succession sow 2-3 times, 2-3 weeks apart for continuous blooms.

Transplant: Harden off and transplant around last frost

Days to Maturity: 90-110 days

Plant Spacing: 30cm (12")

Pinch: Yes

Vase Life: 6-8 days

Potential Harvest Yield: 8-12 stems per plant

Harvest Tips: Harvest when 80 percent of the flowers on a stem are open. Flowers cut too early (50% open) do not take up water and tend to wilt. The flowers should be a crisp no hint of pollen shed. Once pollen sheds, flowers decline rapidly. Some growers cut the initial center flower with only a 15-30 cm (6-12") stem length, allowing the secondary flowers to bloom on 50-60 cm (20-24") stems.

***Note Harvesting of Ammi majus requires the use of gloves and protective clothing. The sap of the cut stems may result in severe contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. Serious cases may cause permanent scars.

Approximate Seeds per Packet: 100

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