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While planning your growing space can be a challenge, getting the right amount of seed shouldn't be.

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Why spend hours trying to find the right flower seed for your customers?

We have built relationships with some of the best breeders and wholesalers there are, so you can spend your time doing what you love!

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Take advantage of being listed as a Professional Canadian Grower on our website. it's a great resource for people to "find" you, their local flower farmer.


Meet Natasha and Nate Chortos


Flower Farmers & Florist

Kingsville, Ontario 

Natasha Chortos

Before Stems, I ordered a lot of our flower seed from companies in the US or the UK. Luckily for the last three seasons, I've been able to order all our specialty cut flower seed from Heidi and Kevin. Their seed selection is incredible and full of unique, hard to find varieties. They have really made seed sourcing within Canada so much easier!

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