Speaking Engagements

Heidi loves to talk about flowers.  

As an experienced flower farmer Heidi brings knowledge and insight for even the most talented gardener.  Growing at the scale of a flower farmer can have advantages and its disadvantages.  But you certainly learn a few tricks when you have 20, 000 tulips to plant, or 14, 000 Dahlia tubers and plants to look after.  Stems regularly grows upwards of 50 varieties of flowers in countless colours.  Always on the lookout for the new gem or a new form, she has her fingers on the pulse of flower breeding worldwide.

As an accomplished speaker before becoming a flower farmer, she excels in delivering a custom presentation each and every time.  

With a love for growing, she also recognizes that not everyone has the same time to devote to their flower garden, so Heidi uses all the "tricks of the trade", to show even novice home gardeners how to get more from their hard work.  And by utilizing the strategies of flower farmers, Heidi can demonstrate how to make your growing space, more luscious, longer blooming and decrease the maintenance at the same time.

Heidi has delivered seminars for other flower farmers, Horticultural Societies, Garden Clubs, Horticultural Schools, and even institutions interested in Horticultural Therapy Programs.

Heidi can deliver a program based on your specific desires, and timeframes.

We like to have a few months notice if possible in order to customize the presentation.  Usually we will bring the presentation and a laptop and the organization will supply all the other audio and visual equipment.  And yes, Heidi did become very accustomed to presenting online using Zoom or other meeting software.  

Touch base with us and we will send you our presentation package which outlines specifics requirements and costs.