Stems Flower Farm

Heidi had been growing on our ¼ acre backlot in urban Newmarket Ontario, when casually at dinner one night she threw out the question, “do you think we could do this full time?” forward a few years and after a couple of years of looking, in 2016 we found the ideal location to expand our flower farm. We purchased Edgebrook, a small 8 acre parcel complete with a farmhouse constructed in 1865, situated on the outskirts of Cookstown Ontario.

To be honest the soil conditions aren’t ideal; too much clay but the 50 foot trees enveloping the space we grow on, give us virtually a self contained micro-climate.

Heidi’s goal of filling 4 acres with flowers became a reality quickly after we moved in.

This year after revising our field plan on Tend AG about fifty million times during the winter months has left us with a great mix of flowers, woodies, and greenery. Although we toy with the idea of on-farm sales, we have eliminated weddings and our CSA in favour of focusing on the professional floral community.  

Our florists and event designers are high demand clients, who know what they want and need in terms of quality and freshness. Even when we believe we have offered the best flowers we can, we are often amazed at the final products our talented  customers are able to create. It is a great feeling to know the most sought after design florists are comfortable with our products. Our growing relationship with the Local Flower Collective mean some of the finest floral designers in Toronto will be using our Stems in 2019.

Stems Flower Farm is now fully engaged on almost 4 1/2 acres of Edgebrook.  Our fifth 100 foot hoop house goes up in the spring of 2019 and the new cooler makes it much easier for local Simcoe County florists to come and pick out what they desire.

We know we wouldn’t be nearly as successful if it were not for the comradery of fellow farmers in Ontario especially. Being able to ask questions, or simply hear their past experience has helped us immensely.

Being able to juggle farming, a second on farm business, and four kids between 5 and 11 can be a daunting task some days. But the view from our office is second to none. The environment our kids are growing up in is the best we can imagine.

We look forward to growing Stems, our relationships with other growers, the floral community, and the Canadian local flower movement with you.

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